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Pizza & Pasta

Mon-Sun : 10:00 AM to 9:30 PM
1144 Front St Uniondale, NY 11553
(516) 485-0161
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Best Pizza Ideas & Traditions From The Whole World

Our restaurant takes pride in how we make our pizzas because we use many different influences to bring together a unique menu. The range of our toppings is utilized to create delicious combos that our customers love.  

The Use of Natural

World’s Best Chef
and Nutritionist!

Fastest Delivery to
your Door Step


Guest Reviews

Great place to eat close to my job so I come here often. They cook all day so there’s always something coming out of the oven and I like to order what’s fresh it’s all good.
William V.

Great local pizzeria! love their weekday specials, very quick delivery food always arrives piping hot and it doesnt hurt that they are not pricey 🙂 btw. you must try their broccoli & chicken slice you’ll thank me later 🙂
Bella V.

Prestos is awesome their pizza is good especially on sunday deal…. all their food is delicious and the service is great…
Erika G.

I looove the pizza there.. 2 regular slices and a medium drink for $4.50. the regular slices are the best. their pizza is delicious and they are huge slices.. it’s nearby my house and if i could eat it everyday i would ..
Rebecca R.

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